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Silver Linings

Just when I think things are going smoothly and we are on track we have a setback. I hadn’t planned on sharing this but I’ve been an open book thus far about our journey and the struggles that come along with infertility so why keep anything a secret?

Last week I found out that Dr. Karnitis is no longer going to be employed by Kettering Reproductive Medicine, and neither will my favorite nurses starting the first of October. Kettering’s fertility clinic was recently acquired by the University of Cincinnati as they continue to grow their brand. Now for those that really pay attention and follow my blogs you’ll know that I’ve been to UC’s fertility clinic and didn’t like it. The only thing I liked was the waiting area because it was so bright and chic. Other than that I didn’t like the staff or doctor. I didn’t like them because I felt as though they were more focused on their established patients. I came home from UC to tell Russell I wanted to stay with Kettering and he was on board. Well now I not only feel blindsided (more on that in a moment) but I feel like I am at a serious crossroad.

Today I had a meeting with Dr. Karnitis to discuss my further treatment plans and what we should do next. I am panicking because getting comfortable with a reproductive doctor and their staff is hard. Not to mention we’ve been working with them for the last two and half years. I feel like I’m losing my tribe at this point. Last week when I finally was able to get ahold of Colleen (IVF Nurse) I started crying on the phone to her I started crying because I wanted to know what went happened to the point that I never received a phone call, email or letting stating that he would no longer be with us. To honest, I think all political and the company doesn’t want any negative feedback. But again, that’s just my opinion.

Today I was so sad seeing Colleen and Dr. K because it is likely the last time, other than my ultrasound on Thursday. As I was checking out Colleen gave me a big hug and told me she is going to continue to pray for us. It was at that moment that I realized how much this staff and organization means to me. My eyes filled with tears and so did hers. As we embraced one another I knew Colleen is apart of my tribe. She is always in my corner and the day I am able to tell her we are pregnant I’m sure she’ll be just as excited and thrilled as we will be. I’m just so sad she’s not going to be there for the most important procedure of my entire life.

I owe so much to Colleen and Dr. K. Without their help, guidance, advice, and love we wouldn’t have the options we do today. Without them, Baby Young wouldn’t really be a topic of conversation. While I’m sad to see them leaving I know they will succeed no matter where they go. Now we have a HUGE decision to make. Stay at Kettering and switch to Dr. Bidwell or follow Dr. Karnitis. There are pros and cons to both situations and we just have to sit down and really think about. I knew IVF wasn’t going to be easy and there would be challenges along the way, this one just happens to suck more than the others. But it’s okay because I’ve learned how strong I am throughout this entire process. Russell and I are going to make the decision that is best for us and we’ll keep you all updated on what we decide to do. This is the part of infertility that sucks. The part that I dread the most. I wish the behind the scenes stuff didn’t have to be bad but I know I’ll look back on this and be so grateful for it all!  The silver lining or today’s adventure is this: as long as I can get my manicure every few weeks I’ll be a happy girl. I’m trying to find the silver lining in every situation because there’s no point in living life if you can’t try to find the good in it.

Until Next Time



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