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Merry Christmas!

“Blessed is she who has believed the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45


I saw this beautiful quote on Waiting for Baby Bird’s facebook page. She recently posted about what it feels like to deal with infertility during the holidays. She reminded us that Christmas is about the birth of Hope. This really resonated with me. If endometriosis has taught me anything this past 10 months it’s that you have to have hope. Hope for what the future holds and hope that your dreams will one day come true. Infertility isn’t easy. Each day is a challenge because a woman never knows what’s going to upset her. It could be passing a specific onesie or holding a friends baby. It could be the simple yearning you feel that day that’s stronger than normal. There are so many things that we are sensitive to that many don’t realize, however, we manage to keep going.

Infertility is hard. Infertility brings more questions than answers and having hope during a difficult time can be calming. Hope is for the dark days that seem like they aren’t going to end. Hope is wanting to find a cure for the 1 in 8 women who have to go through this and experience the pain endometriosis brings. Hope is one day knowing, that with the right timing, a baby will be placed in your arms and one day you’ll be called mommy. Hoping for the family that you have always wanted is normal. My husband and I are trying for a baby and while we only have a 5% chance of conceiving on our own, I’ll take it because it’s not 0. 0 means there is not hope. 5% means there still is hope. This year has created a fire in my soul to fight for what I want, no matter how difficult it is. Infertility is knowing you are going to go through hell and back but come out a better, stronger person. This Christmas I hope you have hope for your future. I know the women struggling to conceive are having a hard time right now. They aren’t able to put a baby in a “My first Christmas” onesie, wait hours in line to meet Santa, or experience what their friends or siblings get to but one day they will. I have hope for them. I know they are strong and can get through anything.

To the 1 in 8 women I know struggle with infertility, you aren’t alone. I know it feels like that but you aren’t. Look forward to beautiful future that lies ahead. Miracles come from hope and hope comes from within. Believe in yourself and your journey and you’ll go where your heart takes you.

Merry Christmas


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I choose My Right

As if 2016 couldn’t get any worse. First we elect a man who isn’t fit to be a President, then Ohio’s Governor thinks he can somehow pass legislation to make it illegal for any woman to get an abortion at 6 weeks. Do you know what could happen in 6 weeks?! A lot. For any man reading this do you understand that the majority of women who have a period don’t have a “normal” cycle, meaning their periods don’t come exactly every 28 days. Some women skip periods for months at a time and  then one day they get their period again. Some women even get more than one period a month. So here’s my open letter to our governor who needs to hear from a woman on a woman’s issue.

Dear Governor Kasich,

I am writing you this letter to let you know that your “Heartbeat Bill” isn’t such a great idea. Women in the state of Ohio (and across the country) should not be told what to do with their bodies, especially not by men who aren’t doctors. Women get pregnant every day in our state. Some women are trying and some women aren’t. There are also women who are having protected sex and still somehow get pregnant because contraception isn’t 100% effective. When you look at why women get abortions there are plenty of reasons. Some women get abortions because they know their babies are going to have problems, their baby won’t make it the entire 9 months and will be still born, personal reasons, etc. There are a hundreds of thousands of reasons women decide to get abortions. But ya know what, its their decision. A woman has to choose what she’ll do when she finds out she’s pregnant, which usually isn’t until at least week 8 or later. And here’s my other issue with your bill. You and your fellow cronies want women to have the babies they are pregnant with but you don’t want to help support them when women ask for help. When a woman has to ask for government assistance because they are raising a baby with a minimum wage job that barely covers the bills, you and your government turn your noses up at them like they are useless and not contributing to society. Our state and government needs to come up with a better way for women who are having babies to get the help they need without being judged. Asking for help with formula, diapers, etc., should not be a bad thing when a woman decides to keep the baby she is pregnant with. Why are food stamps, WIC and other government assistant programs frowned upon but you want every woman to keep their unborn children. You sir, can’t have it both ways. If you want women to keep their babies, you should be able to have the funding and programs to help. Otherwise, you need to mind your own business. Women get pregnant for all kinds of reasons and some of the reasons are deplorable. If this bill passes women will still find ways to have an abortion, only this way it will be illegal and could result in more than just an abortion, but a death with the woman carrying the baby. Taking away a right isn’t going to stop abortions from happening. Governor Kasich, you nor anyone in Senate should NOT be making decision regarding women’s health or reproductive rights. A woman should ALWAYS have the right to choose. I stand behind Roe vs Wade and will continue to support women when they have to make decisions, such as getting an abortion. If you want to make 2016 suck a little less than it already has, you won’t pass this bill.


A woman who will forever and always stand by her right to choose