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Body Shaming Ads


Dear Lane Bryant and Victoria’s Secret,

I’m going to be quite blunt here. Both of these ad campaigns make me mad. Both of these ad campaigns are exactly why body shaming exists. Both these multi-billion dollar companies should be giving women all over the world confidence instead of sending a message that tearing each other down is the only way to be. Body shaming exists no matter what size you are. Skinny shaming exists for those who are thin. It’s in the subtle ways like when someone asks if you’ve eaten today or when a stranger or friend says “you need to eat a cheeseburger”. Same goes for fat shaming. Fat shaming happens when a person says “when was the last time they worked out?” or “maybe so-and-so should eat a salad instead”. There are plenty more skinny/fat shaming comments that I could use as examples. However, you should be better than that. Lane Bryant, why do you have to use the #I’mNoAngel when you know that Victoria’s secret has an Angel Collection of bras and underwear? And Victoria’s Secret why do you have to use the same size model to define what a perfect body is? Both of these campaigns are counterproductive to ALL women in society. Women all over the world are going to see these campaigns. What are women who aren’t plus sized supposed to think when they see your #ImNoAngel campaign? Are they supposed to be okay with the fact that you are taking a jab at VS for their angel collection? VS how are women who are plus sized supposed to feel when they see this ad? Both of these ads make women around the world uncomfortable. THIS is the conversation we should be having. WHY is it okay for big companies to insult one another and make women feel self-conscious. The goal in this world is to teach our daughters that they are beautiful just the way God made them. They don’t need to see ads like this because this will make them question how they look. THIS is why women can’t be supportive of one another. THIS is what creates competition. Ads like this are what make people think there has to be a definition of the “perfect” body type. How about this Lane Bryant and Victorias Secret. What if you just put out the ad, no slogan, no jabs, just the company name? Plain, simple, to the point. Maybe that would encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin.


A girl who wishes we could all be supportive of one another


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