Why can’t a woman have it all?

When you think of “having it all” what do you think of? Established career, successful marriage to a man who loves you, children, a nice house? Does “having it all” mean the same to you as it does to someone else? Probably not. But society has dictated that women can’t have it all.

For years it was ingrained that a woman’s job was to stay home, raise kids, make sure there was a hot meal on the table when her husband got home and cleaned the house. However, things have changed. (Thank goodness!) Now woman are the CEO’s of companies, successful women in their job fields and stay at home mom’s. Some of these women are even the bread winners of their families, a role that used to belong to the man. So why can’t women have it all? Well you see, society dictates that men are the one’s that get to earn the money, remember we still live in a society where a woman makes 77 cents to the dollar of a man. Society also has a stereotype that if the man isn’t the one who is “bringing home the bacon” he is failing in his duties. If a woman doesn’t cook or enjoy it, well honey you should go learn.

Well let me tell you all something. My version of having it all is going to be different than yours. My version of having it all is exactly what I have now and I’m sure that version will change as I grow and learn about myself. Having it all for me means having true friendships that I know are going to last a lifetime, a fiance who I love more than life itself, my three fur children, a house to call home (even if it is just temporary), a car to drive (even though it’s not a brand new model), shoes and clothes to wear, and food to eat and the best family a girl could ask for.Having it all means being the voice to those who go without because I have amazing opportunity to be Miss Captivating 2016, a blessing that God knew I needed well before I did. Having it all means striving for goals that are going to be hard to achieve but going for them anyway because giving up isn’t an option.I have it all, for me. For you it may be a more simple or complex list of things.

Just remember, “you’re never too old to start another goal or to dream a new dream”–C.S. Lewis. The day all women are told they can do anything want, achieve anything they want, be anyone they want, the world better watch out because that’s the day the world will change for the better.

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