For my Pageant Sisters

This blog post is dedicated to my pageant sisters, all of you!

I want to take this time to thank you all for everything you’ve give me over the last year and a half. You all have shaped me into the woman I am today.

To my Miss Ohio Latina girls,

You all taught me how to love myself again, to truly appreciate the way God made me. You made me realize that each of us are queens in our own way, a crown can’t define that. You girls were my first sisters, not by blood but by choice. I have never laughed as hard as I have with you all. I am beyond grateful to have you all apart of my life and know that no matter where I am in life you all will be there.

To my Miss Ohio US International girls,

Where do I begin? One of my favorite moments was in rehearsal and Christi asking “Where’s Becca?” because she went to CVS to get me lipstick! (LOL) I loved competing with you all and never in a million years would have guessed that I would meet my soul sister at this pageant. You all were so giving, so supportive, so generous, so sweet. We didn’t know eachother (except when we stalked each other on instagram) and we molded together like we had known each other for years. I am so grateful to Christi for creating such a positive and welcoming pageant environment.

And finally to my Captivating girls,

There isn’t enough I can say about you all. From Jr. Teen girls all the way through MRS., you all were so amazing. I was terrified going into the weekend not knowing a single soul in the Miss division. I was scared out of my mind, mostly because I knew this would be the last pageant I competed in before I aged out. Going into orientation I was so nervous but then I met Mallory and Jessyka. I am very thankful I became close with you both throughout the weekend! As the weekend progressed I met more and more women and became more grateful to be surrounded by all of them. No matter what I knew I was going home a winner just because each of these made it feel like I was the only one in the room when we were speaking to each other, I know everyone else felt that way too. We laughed so much and made lifelong friendships that weekend. Thank you for the amount of support you have shown me these past few months, it means the world. This crown is not just for me, but my platform. I am also representing each of you with my title too. Thank you for such a wonderful weekend, I wouldn’t be where I am without any of you!

Thank you girls so much for molding me into the person  I am today. It’s been four months since I won the title. Another lesson I have learned from you all is that, no matter what the judges say, or the outcome of the pageant, we are and always will be the queens we were when we went to compete on stage. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to call my friends. Saying thank you isn’t enough but I promise to continue to make you all proud throughout this next 8 months.




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Body Shaming Ads


Dear Lane Bryant and Victoria’s Secret,

I’m going to be quite blunt here. Both of these ad campaigns make me mad. Both of these ad campaigns are exactly why body shaming exists. Both these multi-billion dollar companies should be giving women all over the world confidence instead of sending a message that tearing each other down is the only way to be. Body shaming exists no matter what size you are. Skinny shaming exists for those who are thin. It’s in the subtle ways like when someone asks if you’ve eaten today or when a stranger or friend says “you need to eat a cheeseburger”. Same goes for fat shaming. Fat shaming happens when a person says “when was the last time they worked out?” or “maybe so-and-so should eat a salad instead”. There are plenty more skinny/fat shaming comments that I could use as examples. However, you should be better than that. Lane Bryant, why do you have to use the #I’mNoAngel when you know that Victoria’s secret has an Angel Collection of bras and underwear? And Victoria’s Secret why do you have to use the same size model to define what a perfect body is? Both of these campaigns are counterproductive to ALL women in society. Women all over the world are going to see these campaigns. What are women who aren’t plus sized supposed to think when they see your #ImNoAngel campaign? Are they supposed to be okay with the fact that you are taking a jab at VS for their angel collection? VS how are women who are plus sized supposed to feel when they see this ad? Both of these ads make women around the world uncomfortable. THIS is the conversation we should be having. WHY is it okay for big companies to insult one another and make women feel self-conscious. The goal in this world is to teach our daughters that they are beautiful just the way God made them. They don’t need to see ads like this because this will make them question how they look. THIS is why women can’t be supportive of one another. THIS is what creates competition. Ads like this are what make people think there has to be a definition of the “perfect” body type. How about this Lane Bryant and Victorias Secret. What if you just put out the ad, no slogan, no jabs, just the company name? Plain, simple, to the point. Maybe that would encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin.


A girl who wishes we could all be supportive of one another


Why can’t a woman have it all?

When you think of “having it all” what do you think of? Established career, successful marriage to a man who loves you, children, a nice house? Does “having it all” mean the same to you as it does to someone else? Probably not. But society has dictated that women can’t have it all.

For years it was ingrained that a woman’s job was to stay home, raise kids, make sure there was a hot meal on the table when her husband got home and cleaned the house. However, things have changed. (Thank goodness!) Now woman are the CEO’s of companies, successful women in their job fields and stay at home mom’s. Some of these women are even the bread winners of their families, a role that used to belong to the man. So why can’t women have it all? Well you see, society dictates that men are the one’s that get to earn the money, remember we still live in a society where a woman makes 77 cents to the dollar of a man. Society also has a stereotype that if the man isn’t the one who is “bringing home the bacon” he is failing in his duties. If a woman doesn’t cook or enjoy it, well honey you should go learn.

Well let me tell you all something. My version of having it all is going to be different than yours. My version of having it all is exactly what I have now and I’m sure that version will change as I grow and learn about myself. Having it all for me means having true friendships that I know are going to last a lifetime, a fiance who I love more than life itself, my three fur children, a house to call home (even if it is just temporary), a car to drive (even though it’s not a brand new model), shoes and clothes to wear, and food to eat and the best family a girl could ask for.Having it all means being the voice to those who go without because I have amazing opportunity to be Miss Captivating 2016, a blessing that God knew I needed well before I did. Having it all means striving for goals that are going to be hard to achieve but going for them anyway because giving up isn’t an option.I have it all, for me. For you it may be a more simple or complex list of things.

Just remember, “you’re never too old to start another goal or to dream a new dream”–C.S. Lewis. The day all women are told they can do anything want, achieve anything they want, be anyone they want, the world better watch out because that’s the day the world will change for the better.

Until Next Time


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The Heartbreak of Growing Up

Being (a young) 26 there are plenty of things I have learned about life. One of the major lessons I have learned is that growing up isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. When you’re a teenager the friends you have you think you’ll have forever, the boyfriend you have you think you’ll marry and (some if not all) girls think that you can live like Carrie Bradshaw in New York City. Well life is much harder than that. Not only are there are decisions on which college to go to (do you stay in state, go out of state or take some time off) but there is this stigma that at the ripe age of 18 or 19 we have to know what we want to for the rest of our lives, or the majority of it. No pressure, this is only one of the constants you will have in your life for the next 30+ years. At that age we aren’t quite equipped to fully understand that we are making a HUGE decision.

Then we realize that the friends we have don’t always stay and this can be one of the hardest lessons growing up has to offer. The people that have been there for us, listened to our problems, gave advice and spent the majority of their time getting to know slowly drift away. Sometimes it’s because we grow to have different interests, likes or you simply just don’t like the person they or you are becoming. Losing friends can be like breaking up with a boyfriend; some are messy, some are painful, and some you hate now but will learn to appreciate what they brought to your life. I have experienced that and still am. What I’ve come to learn is that the handful of friends I do have are here to stay. They are the ones that have my back, will be there through my ups and downs. They age with you the way a Cabernet Sauvignon does over time. These are the people that you unapologetically love, that you’d do anything for. Part of the reason losing friends is difficult is because when you lose them, you lose you. You have to figure out who are without that person, how you can grow and discover what the future could hold.

Growing up we all think being an adult is full of rainbows and unicorns. Growing up allows us to delve deep within ourselves to find out what we want, what we are truly made to be. I’ve learned that I don’t need a lot of friends, just my few that are my ride or die. I’ve learned that building quality relationships takes time and effort, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Growing up may be difficult and seem impossible at times, but when we look back the heartbreak will be worth it because we will be exactly where the universe wants us to be.

Until Next Time