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Mean Girls Come From Mean Moms

I just read a woman’s blog post (link to the original article is at the bottom of this post) about how means girls come from mean moms. Is this true? Well if we look to the article and history we see that children mimic their parents. We also know that children learn how to act form their parents. In the blog, the woman says she said hello to another woman who was once mean to her. She thought the incident was behind them but when the woman didn’t say hello back, she realized something was still wrong. Here’s the problem, their daughters were there to witness that awful behavior. This article makes me think about young girls in today’s society. More specifically, my friend Jessica’s daughter. A few weeks ago, Jessica had posted that her daughter was told she isn’t pretty. I know her daughter and think very highly of her. She is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. She is kind, loving and cares for others immensely. It broke my heart to read that some other little girl told her she wasn’t pretty. Why would a young girl do that? Why would a young girl think to say such a terrible thing? Why are young girls taught that it is socially acceptable to bully someone into thinking they aren’t beautiful. That’s what is wrong with our society. We teach young girls that they aren’t pretty, through Hollywood standards, magazines and television. How often do we see actresses coming out and showing how much a magazine or photographer has photo shopped their picture to be more like what their standards are? If I could Jessica’s daughter anything it would be this:

You are beautiful. You are enough. You are going to grow up to be one of the kindest and most compassionate souls. Sometimes people say things that hurt our feelings and we have to try to understand why they said that. Also, girls aren’t always nice. They aren’t taught how to give a compliment to someone. They aren’t taught to not say something mean. This is where you become one of the luckiest girls in the world. You see you have one amazing mom. She is going to teach you SO much about life. What it means to have the best friends a girl could have. Another thing your mom is going to teach you is that you can have confidence and feel beautiful. You are always going to be more than enough because your mom is going to show you how to live a life full of happiness. If there is any piece of advice I could it would be two things. 1. Every girl is a queen, so make sure you always hold your head up high, you don’t want your crown to fall off 🙂 2. Always be kind, even to those aren’t the kindest to you. They may seem unhappy or angry but if you provide them with a little sunshine in their lives (whether it be a compliment or saying hello) you could make their day.

What I have learned from this article, and many others, is that we have so many people who are unhappy, so why not be that symbol of hope? If we set aside our judgements about others, we would be able to see what people’s souls really have to offer. If you take anything away from this blog post, it’s that we as a society need to be nicer because we are the reason for the actions of the next generation. Parent’s raise kids to be nice or mean. Which will you choose?

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