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Have you heard of Peeple?

Yes, Peeple, as in the people rating app? I can’t remember how I came across this app, probably through the New York Times or some other news outlet. But this woman decided to create an app that rates people. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is a horrible idea. There are enough people that have a strong disdain for one another but to be able to rate them?! This isn’t Target where you are rating the sweater you just bought online…these are actual people. Now the app won’t be coming out until the end of this month but still, what honestly makes the creator think this is going to go over well?

For one, this country already has enough unhappy people, let’s know try to add to that number. I feel like this app just gives people one more reason to be mean and hide behind a computer screen. Let’s be honest, if someone is going to be mean they are going to have a much easier time doing it through the internet.

Second, I feel like this app could ruin someone’s livelihood. If a person is having a bad day, which we all have them, and someone goes on this app and gives us a terrible rating, it could go wrong, especially if the person being rated is a business owner. People want to know that establishment owners are happy people. Getting a bad review could be bad for business.

Third, this is only going to cause more people to feel self-conscious. Have you gone onto social media and seen what horrible things people say about people they don’t know?! People are terrible. I’ve seen people comment and tell someone to go die or kill themselves. This is not going to be positive in any way if someone sees a review like this.

I feel like this app is just another way for people to publish negative and hateful comments about others. Your thoughts?

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