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Planned Parenthood and why Ohio got it wrong…

Dear John Kasich,

I’m sure this blog post won’t find it’s way to you but as the governor of the state of Ohio, you have failed the women of your state. You see, you say you want to “respect the sanctity of human life” and by doing this means defunding Planned Parenthood. You see Mr. Kasich, you are wrong. Women of the state of Ohio, and all of the United States should have the option to do whatever they please to their bodies and if that means getting an abortion they should have that right. (I mean, you do realize Roe v. Wade passed for a reason right?) But we aren’t talking about abortion because Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide free abortions for young women. Planned Parenthood provides young women with birth control, health exams, and sex health education and without that  many young women will not be able to get the care they need. Think about that for a second. Because you and the other members of the Senate see the word abortion, you think the entire organization of planned parenthood shouldn’t exist. So what are we supposed to do now? These young women are not going to be able to get the birth control they need, have the knowledge of sex education or get their annual health screenings. So where are they supposed to go? And don’t say they are supposed to go to the gynocologist because Planned Parenthood was providing these services for free or little cost. So is the Senate going to provide a place for young women to go or are they supposed to go without? These young women are being denied very important services that you took away from them. I really think you and the other goons of the Senate should have thought long and hard about the decision you are making because it could end up backfiring. What happens if the rate of teenage births increases? What happens if young women start getting sick and they end up with cancer or other diseases that could have been detected had they been able to go to Planned Parenthood? Have you thought about that? Well, obviously you haven’t because you don’t think about things like that. All you see when you think of Planned Parenthood is abortions. Maybe if you took the time to interview and collect data from the young women who use the other services of Planned Parenthood, you would see how helpful this really organization is.


A young woman who stands with Planned Parenthood


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