“Girls don’t simply hate their bodies, we teach them to”

I know I’ve covered this topic in my blog but I just can’t help but bring it up again.


I am so sick and tired of people thinking that just because I CHOOSE to workout and eat right (most of the time) means that gives them a free pass to judge my body and what THEY think I should do with it. When someone says to you “Angelica, maybe you should go eat a cheeseburger.”, “Angelica can’t carry those plates, they weigh more than she does”, “Give the milk to Angelica she could use it” ….These are completely unacceptable things to say someone. I can’t help the way I look, the way my body is shaped. And why do people think they can do this? Is this their way of saying they are feeling insecure with how they look so in order to make themselves feel better they must say a negative about me?

Well guess what followers, every time you say something about my body it affects me. I don’t let you see it. I don’t verbalize it. But it does affect me and in ways you don’t think it would. Those who make comments about the way I look don’t understand the amount of self-doubt that crosses my mind. The guilt I feel for enjoying workout, eating a salad, or skipping dessert that night. I already struggle with the way my body looks. I don’t like how skinny my legs are or how there could be more weight in certain areas. I love food as much as the next person, if not more. I enjoy going to fairs and eating funnel cakes, ice cream, cheese fries, etc. but I also know there are portions and it’s okay to indulge every once and while.

The next time I want someone’s opinion on the way I look it will most likely be my personal trainer. If I wanted your opinion I would ask for it, otherwise please refrain from giving me unwarranted (and often times misguided) “advice” about MY body.

Until next time



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