Best. Weekend. Ever.

So this is what it must feel like to be Taylor Swift! (LOL)

What a weekend! I left Friday looking forward to winning a crown to leaving Sunday, the new Miss Captivating 2016. There are really no words to explain how I am feeling right now! But just in case you wanted to know here is how much fun I had this weekend!

For those who don’t know pageants are more than just girls prancing around in makeup, high heels, and evening gowns. Pageantry is for girls to not only make new friendships, (which pageant friends are some of the best kind of friends to have!) but to show everyone who you are and why you choose to compete. For anyone that knows me, knows I compete to bring awareness to my platform, Shoes4theShoeless. Being a National queen means I have a great responsibility over the next year to bring more awareness to my platform and to have fun at other events!

Sunday was beyond magical. We started with hair and makeup. My best friend, Caitlyn, did my hair and makeup and she is genius! We pulled my hair back for something graceful, I remember telling her I felt very much like Jackie O. My makeup was beyond on point and I felt like a true beauty queen. We started the competition with opening number and it was so much fun! All the contestants from Jr. Teen to Mrs. killed it. Then we went into swimsuit, which is always fun. Fun fashion was awesome because we got to see all the girls creations and their personalities really shined! I had a custom made Gerardo Encinas gown. It was black, leopard print and amazing! My description simply doesn’t do the dress justice. Then came evening gown, each girls shining moment. I have always felt that evening gown is a way for each contestant to really show the judges why she should win. This is her moment to be graceful and soak up the crowds attention. All eyes are on her and she should value that moment because it is over in the blink of an eye. I made sure the moment I went on stage to the moment I left, I would leave such a big impression on the judges that they couldn’t forget about me. Just as I was finishing my walk, I turned slightly to look at the judges but my back was still turned, this was it, my glory moment. My moment when I could feel all eyes were on me, taking in the gorgeous gown I was wearing.

Then they announced top 5.

Uniontown, Gem City, Great Lakes, Akron and Miami Valley.

I was called last, which was nerve wracking!!! Then it was on stage question. Go figure my question was about ISIS and if I felt the U.S. should intervene and put ground troops in Iran. I can honestly say I don’t remember all of my question because it was like word vomit. HAHA

Special awards were announced and then the moment we were all waiting for. I can honestly say I was so nervous. When we were all called up I just remember thinking that no matter what I had made top 5 and that was a HUGE accomplishment. So the emcee started announcing.

4RU: Uniontown 3RU:Great Lakes 2RU: Akron …then it hit me. I was standing there with Kayelin and one of us was about to be crowned Miss Captivating 2016. The next thing I know we are holding hands, crying and Kayelin was announced as 1st runner up, making me Miss Captivating 2016. I have never been more surprised in my life. But I can say one thing, if I learned anything from watching Miss USA, it was that Olivia Jordan made herself stand out by showing the judges her amazing personality. I just knew that if I flashed my smile bright and exuded pride I would have a chance.

I am so grateful and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me. I know I am still over the moon with excitement and have so much to do in the next year.I am so thankful for the friendships I was able to make this weekend. Heather, Mallory and Jessyka, I am so thankful to call you my pageant sisters and my friends! I am so glad our paths crossed because I now I have three new girls to call my friends! To my sister queens, Gabrielle, Taylor, Jillian and Mandi, I am so happy to be on this journey with you all! To Rick, our amazing director, thank you for making this weekend memorable, we are going to make you so proud and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year! I can say I am going to make this one of the most memorable years of my entire life, so get ready because Miss Captivating is coming to a city near you!

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