For the last year I have been a volunteer for Shoes4theShoeless. Shoes4theshoeless is unlike any non-profit that I have volunteered for. For those who may not know about Shoes4theSholess, here is a little background.

Shoes4theShoeless was founded in 2010 by Kris Horlacher. Shoe4theShoeless provides well fitting gym shoes and socks for children in need. The county that I live in is Montgomery County and 41% of people are living in poverty. Some cases are worse than others. Sometimes we see kids whose shoes are so badly worn that they don’t have soles on the bottom. Sometimes we see cases where the kids feet aren’t growing properly because their shoes are too small. Shoes4theShoeless wants to make sure no child in our area goes without a properly fitting pair of shoes.

There are so many reason I chose to volunteer for this organization. Being able to give back to my community was a big reason. Another reason I wanted to volunteer is because I love kids. Kids don’t have control over their situations and when their families don’t have the means they aren’t going to have what they need. I thought this was the perfect organization for me. The first time I volunteered it was really overwhelming. I was participating in the Miss Ohio Latina pageant. I didn’t know what to expect and that day my life changed forever. I always knew that there were people who lived in poverty but I didn’t realize that some kids really do share a pair of socks with their parents or siblings. I’ll never forget a little girl that I helped. She loved the color pink and she said she wanted to be in a pageant but she said she wasn’t pretty enough to be in one. It broke my heart because this little girl was beautiful. When we were done getting her shoes and checking her out she turned around and gave me a hug. She thanked me for the shoes and told me good luck. That hug is the hug that changed everything. The kids that we help are the sweetest kids you are ever going to meet. A simple pair of shoes and few pairs of socks make their entire day. Some of them cry because they are so happy they have a new pair of shoes. Volunteering is so overwhelming because most of us take a properly fitting pair of shoes for granted. We don’t think twice when we put our shoes on in the morning. But what if we had to wear shoes that hurt our feet or were really dirty and didn’t smell the greatest? Being able to give a child this gift is more of a blessing than I’ll ever be able to tell you.

For more information about shoes4theshoeless please go to http://www.shoes4theshoeless.org



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